For: Chamber Orchestra
2Fl (2+Picc), 2Ob (2+CA), 2Cl (2+BCl), 2Bn,
2Hn, 2Tpt, 2Tbn, Euphonium, Tuba,
Harp, Piano, 2Perc,
4Vln, 2Vla, VCl, DB
Duration: 20 minutes

Commissioned by The Hertfordshire Sinfonietta and Eastern Arts Association

Soloing was commissioned by the Hertfordshire Sinfonietta. It is a type of concerto for orchestra in that it gives all the players solo episodes as well as chorus sections which feature the different sections of the orchestra. The choruses frame the four main parts of the work, an opening moderato, a scherzo, an adagio and a reprise of the moderato in retrograde form. The concluding chorus is a combination of the four previous chorus sections.