Kite (version 2)


For: Soprano Sax, Piano, Violin, 'Cello
Duration: 6.5 minutes

This work started life as a piece for solo oboe. As soon as it was finished, I realised that it had potential for arranging into an ensemble piece, but could not decide on the best instrumentation. I made a tentative version for double reed quartet but was not satisfied with the result. A request for a piece by the ensemble Quorum at rather short notice gave an opprtunity to revive Kite and arrange it for their line up. This version seems to work well and has been performed by Quorum and others on many occasions, making it more popular than the original version. Because of its origins, Kite 2 is linear in style throughout. It consists of six short episodes based on different aspects of an opening theme. This version of Kite has been recorded by Gemini for release on the Guild Label (GMCD7379).