Kite (version 1)


For: solo oboe or soprano saxophone
Duration: 5 minutes

Written in 1980, Kite dates from the time when, as a recent graduate from the University of Surrey, I was an active performer on the oboe. It was intended to be a showcase for my own performing skills but turned out to be, so far as I was concerned, too technically demanding for comfort. A few years later I made an arrangement of it for the group Quorum and in this version it has received many performances and broadcasts.

Kite consists of five short flights of fancy on an opening theme which recurs at the work's conclusion. It is dedicated to the memory of the pianist Babara Wander, my aunt, who was a strong musical influence and who died shortly before it was completed. It is about five minutes in length.

Chris O'Neal recorded Kite for release on the Guild label (GMCD7344).