For: solo tenor saxophone
Duration: c. 15 minutes

Commissioned by the London School of Contemporary Dance

Interference was written as part of a project in which I collaborated with the choreographer, Jonathan Burrows, to create a dance work for the 1981 summer schools tour of the London School of Contemporary Dance. The budget was, as usual, very modest and so only one musician could be employed and I decided on a tenor saxophone because of its extrovert nature. The theme we chose was one of tuning in to different ideas as one tunes in to different channels on a radio. At times the signal is clear and direct, at other times it is distorted and sometimes it changes abruptly from one theme to another. Part of the work's concept was to include the musician in the action and to allow him to interact with the dancers. This was achieved not only by placing him on stage and having him lead the dancers on and around but by allowing some limited space for improvisation and repetition of ideas in both the music and the dance.