For: Flute, Piano and synthesiser
Duration: 6 minutes

Written for Anne Allen and Yeu Meng Chan, this piece uses the harmonic overtones of the lowest E on the piano as its basis. The pianist encourages the harmonics to speak by placing her finger on the string as it is struck and moving it to change the harmonic produced. The flute material also uses this overtone series, having widely spaced intervals in its lower register, but getting closer together as it gets higher. Some of the sounds were inspired by Henry Cowell's piano pieces, The Banshee and Sinister Resonance which also ask the performer to play the instrument's strings in unconventional ways. The other influence was the sound of the Xiao, a Chinese flute, which I had come across when writing Seeking Illustrious Virtue, a piece for an ensemble of Chinese instruments.

Flautando has been recorded by The Fibonacci Sequence and released on the Guild label (GMCD7344).