Dune I and II


For: Fl, Ob, Cl, Bn, Hn, Tpt, Tbn, Piano, Perc, DBass
Duration: 12 minutes

Dune I was written at the end of 1979 and continues an interest in the effects created by superimposing different layers of music on top of each other that had begun with the composition of an earlier piece: Strata. Dune I is made up of four different types of music: chromatic scales/clusters; slow chordal polyphony; rhythmic material; melodic lines, that are combined and juxtaposed in a variety of different pitches, instrumentations and tempi.

Dune II, written in 1980, uses similar types of music to Dune I but combines them in a more linear fashion. The piece has six main episodes in which some new thematic material (rising major sevenths) is combined with the various types of music found in Dune I, ending with a coda which combines the pitch material of Dune I and Dune II in the style of a chorale.


an impressive piece [Dune I & II] ... strong and colourful
Anthony Payne - Daily Telegraph