Poems by e.e.cummings
For: Soprano Voice, Fl, Cl, Pno, Vln, VCl.
Duration: 8 minutes

D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y is a setting of five poems by e.e.cummings which take the theme of dreaming as their central image. The first, 'now is a ship', uses floating as a metaphor for dream, 'D-re-A-mi-N-gl-Y' uses falling leaves, '!hope, faith! !life, love!' and 'seeker of truth' dream of alternative realities and finally 'o' speaks of darkness and rain. These dimensionless images inspired the floating lines and accompanying figures of the music and cummings' use of typography - unconventionally splitting words, running others together, putting in upper case letters and punctuation marks in unexpected places - inspires many of the musical ideas.