Two Pieces for Fifteen Players


1) Bells 2) Strata

For: Fl, Ob+CA, Cl, Bn, Hn, Tpt, Tbn, Harp, 2 Perc, 4 Violins
Duration: 10 minutes

The second of these two pieces, Strata was the first to be written, being composed while I was a student at Surrey University and winning the 1979 Joyce Dixey Composition Prize. The structure and rhythmic material of the music are based on the proportions 3:2:2:3, an idea I have often used in later pieces. The material is arranged, as the title suggests, in layers of sound, juxtaposing musics of different speeds and intensities.

Bells provides a gentler introduction, the music being more elegaic in character. The acoustic shape and properties of bell sounds providing the works inspiration.


Ewers used and evoked an interesting mixture of sounds. The ideas which provoked the composition [Two Pieces for Fifteen Players] were excellent.
Howard J Milner - Music and Musicians